Texx Smith Chosen as I.T. Czar for U.S.

When the white House Callled, I answered, Even if it was on April 1st!

I got the call this morning…

I’ve been saying for a long time “they should just put me in charge…”  Last year when I met the President he was quite impressed with my credentials and ideas.  This morning I finally got the call.

Moving Fast

I’ll be leaving for Washing  D.C. tomorrow morning.  things are like a madhouse hear.  I’ve been trying to call everyone personally to say my goodbyes, but there;’s so many calls to make and I still have to pack all my things and my computers.

They’ve also already put me to work.  My first assignment is to decide what my first work should be so to speak.  I have a stack of reports about a mile high I’m supposed to read.  Most of them are written by very important people about very important things.  I’m not going to talk about any of the subjects right now though as I haven’t got a great handle on what I can discuss and what I can’t.  There’ll be a press conference tomorrow afternoon ( I still have to get a new suit ), so I better figure out something that I can speak about by then!

We also have a new quest in the house, at least until I get settled in Washington.  A Secret Service agent.  He’s here to guard this huge stack of papers, not me.   I’m not that valuable yet I suppose.  I feel for him, that’s got to be a boring job.


Well, I’m going to stop writing and  get moving because I’ve so much to do.  If I haven’t called you to say goodbye, it’s not because I don’t love you, it’s because I just ran out of time!

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