It's a boy!

Momma and BabyAt 4:44 last night my wife Shannon gave birth to my son Nicholas. He was 21 inches long and weighed in at 8lb’s, 5 oz. I will be out of the office until tomorrow afternoon, but if you have an urgent situation, please call. Server’s run 24 hours a day, every day, so I provide tech suport 24 hours a day.

Web Design quotes are still being given, but no web design work is being done for the next two days.


  1. Excuse, and what you think concerning forthcoming elections?

  2. hmmm, I try to keep up on local politics, but I didn’t know there was an election coming up. Unless you mean the Presidential election coming up. In that case, I just hope they are honest and accurate (for a change). Beyond that, in my wildest dreams it would be a third party or independent candidate who wins.

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