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I have been designing web sites since 1995. I landed my first paying client (who is still a paying client by the way), in 1995. Web Design has come a long way since the days of the big squarish monitors with the heavy tubes in them. Now there are dozens of different screens types a website will be viewed on instead of 3 or 4 from back in the mid 90’s, but the biggest changes in web design aren’t on the screen.

It’s the competition.

All of your competitors probably already have a website. It’s been a long time since just having a website sets you apart.

Here are some of the must haves that are in our web sites:
These standard and optional services are available at little to no additional cost and are all important in the success of your web site. We admit, some are there just so you’ll love me and my team!

Responsive Design

One self-adjusting layout that will re-size, reshape and regenerate perfectly sized images based on the screen size of the users device.

Responsive Design saves you tons of money vs making separate layouts for different size/brand devices and then using a script to detect which one is closest to the device being used.

Free Basic SEO Package

    • Others charge $500-$2000 for this package
    • Results based on next gen data sources and practices
    • Includes consults and reports
    • One complete round of on page SEO following well researched guidelines for every top level page
    • 45 Day report – Compare to baseline report above.

Stand out from the pack

Technically and visually without being just “too much” – It’s important

Being aesthetically pleasing is important but not as important as steering the viewer into an action successfully. I hate to admit it, but some of the most successful web businesses have their services on ugly websites. Craigslist, Amazon, etc.

Focus on Conversions

A web site for a business is about getting people to do something. That something is often some kind of willing contact and acknowledgement from a human that says he’s willing to do something you’ve suggested to them. This would be a lead or a conversion. The more high quality they are – the better your business will grow.

All the changes and tweaks you want

Let’s face it, we’d all like to be able to say “It’s finished” about our web sites. The process of fine tuning for some can be a very ending process and it shouldn’t be. If you keep adding content and value to your users online nothing but good can come from it.

I give each new client two rounds of changes during the initial build process. A web site may never have to be finished, but a build project does. We believe in continued relationships with existing clients and we’d love to keep working with you to add features, provide new services to the client and end users, adjust to market changes, product line changes and any other Marketing/Development projects. You’ll have complete access to make any and every change you want to your website forever with most of our packages.

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Texx Smith – The Einstein of Web Design

Building a better website is as much about learning your goals as it is looking great. Contact me today and we’ll get started making something better for less.

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