Total Keyphrase Domination

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We like to compete and we know how to win!

Are you in an industry that is influenced heavily by the internet? Would several of the top search results for a particular keyphrase be valuable to your company? How about all ten? Maybe similar results for some secondary key phrases too? We can do that.

Dominating a search like this can be useful for Reputation Management but it has the most value when used to dominate the results of a competitive keyphrase. Imagine if you sold blue frogs and only a handful of others did too, imagine all ten of the search results for key phrases like: “Blue Frogs” and “Buy Blue Frogs” went to the web sites you controlled. Perhaps it is only the top five results but for more key phrases? Ask yourself what this kind of domination would do for your business. Now ask yourself what that would do to your competitors?

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Texx Smith – The Einstein of Web Design

Yes, we can do this, yes, it’s legal. But it takes a lot of work so let’s get started now! Step 1:

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