What is the Google Sandbox?

The google sandbox isn’t actually a place or a thing at all. It certinley a place where google employees play during breaks. The google sandbox alludes to a term that programmers of web “Content Management Systems” (CMS) where the users of their web content management systems (typically not programmers or even technically inclined at all) could learn to post articles and stories using that partcular CMS by praticing. The sandbox was an area where they cpuld pratice and ewxperiment with all aspects of the systems methods of making articles without saving them permanently and displaying them to the public as real articles.

Google’s Sandbox isn’t quite that, but it’s similiar. Evidently google in their all knowing wisdom has decided that it takes several months for a web site to decide what they are about. Perhaps a lot of people change thier message and keywords alot during this first period. I’m sure they’ve read the tags on way more sites than me. When I do a site, it’s get fully planned before implemented so there isn’t much changing after it goes live. But I understand not everyone has my skill or even uses a professional.

The Googlew sandbox is actually a status unofficialy given to web sites by google. They may have them in their index but they usually won’t list them in the search results unless the search is for the address. Yes, some people still type the address into a search enginge instead of the address bar. This period can last from a few weeks to a few months.

Little is know about how it exactly works. In fact some people in the search engine optimization business try to say it doesn’t exsist. Well rest assured it does. I have discovered two things about the google sandbox however:

  • Whatever the cause, new sites do not get listed in google’s search engine results for a considerable longer period than other web sites.
  • This effect can be mitigated (not entirely), by submission fromm someone who has successfully submitted sites that were index by google in the past.


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  3. naisioxerloro, it’s a modified version of the “connections” template by Vanilla Mist.

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