Google's Do Follow Blessing

The rumors are that Google’s “no follow” crusade is back firing for them. If you believe the rumors, Google is having trouble finding content. Google has always been about incoming links, a little less for the last year or so, but for competitive key phrases, it’s obvious that the sites with the most inbound links will have a better chance of ranking higher for their desired key phrases, no matter what the folks at Google say. Here’s Matt Cutts Google’s spokesman on the subject of do follow links and no follow links:

Our take on why no follow links are more valuable than Matt says and more insight after the jump…

Please note Matt Cutts has been know to have as much trouble with the truth as Dick Cheney, so his blessing alone is not enough to change your blog to a do follow blog. For instance, No follow links are more valuable than Matt says. None of the other search engines out there are on a no follow crusade. That’s because incoming links aren’t as important in their ranking scheme and thus their search results are so easily manipulated by those willing to spend the most money.

Most of our search engine ranking campaigns don’t have a large budget though and for a lower budget link building campaign, you definitely want the most bang for your buck as you can get for each link. That’s why we pursue the do follow links far more and don’t usually consider no follow links at all. ESPECIALLY if we have to pay for them. Like the ones in big directories, if it’s a no follow link, we don’t pay (usually).

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