Another Search Engine Success

We’ve had another search engine success with a new web site. This is a new web site, targeting a fairly competitive keyphrase: Florida Data Services.  It has done so with some success and again just minimal effort.  It’s true “Florida Data Service” isn’t the most searched for keyphrase out there, but it highly targets the market this web site is seeking to capture.  Withing 5 weeks this site shot straight to #2 on Google.  Yahoo,, AltaVista, seem to be madly in love with the web site, as it’s #1 on these search engines for several key phrases.  This is usually an indicator that it will be #1 on Google for at least some of these secondary key phrases in the near future.

Florida Data Services screen captureThis site has had no more than our Basic SEO Package.  That worked out this time because we were able to find a niche without a lot of competition.  For more more popular key phrases, some variation of our Advanced SEO Package is usually needed.  But consistently, we’ve proved that if your willing to put the resources into it, we can get you the top spot on Google for just about any search phrase you’d like.

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  1. Congrats, I know this keyphrase isn’t searched for much so traditionally it wouldn’t be labeled as a “competitive” keyphrase, but I’ve struck out for this keyphrase twice myself with two different sites. The competition that is there is strong!

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