Key phrase research tricks and more

Key phrase research tricks and more

Any of my SEO clients and many regular readers here know that researching what phrases people are actually searching for and how tough the competition is for those phrase is a very important part of any SEO campaign.  It usually the first step, in fact.

This video has some tips about how to gain a little more insight on how to get some keyphrase ideas.  More importantly, it has some off hand advice, which is actually great about integrating analytics and paid advertising into continuing campaigns.

We use these techniques and so man more when it comes to keyphrase research here at Dream Designs. We know you budget is limited and if you don’t do your research you’re very likely to blow your whole budget on key phrases that don’t create a positive ROI. We don’t want out clients telling other businesses, They are some great guys, but no I haven’t really seen a lot of money from our web sites.” We like it when they says like “Man, my Web site is rolling in the dough since we hired that Texx Smith guy!”

Read the full article, if you’d like but the video is the met of it.

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