Directories are great for SEO!

What’s the most important thing to pursue when seeking better rank in the search engines? The number and quality of links that lead to your web site. This is the number one most important thing to Google and most other Search Engines (SE), when determining how “important” your web site is. Google even has a name for this “importance” called “PageRanktm.”
The most important directories are of course, the hardest to get into. The Yahoo directory, is a mostly paid-entry, human reviewed directory. The Open Directory is a free but very hard to get into, directory. I’ve learned of a new Blog Directory, and a few other and wanted to give you the skinny:

The Blog Directory / Search Engine I mentioned before is LS Blogs. If you want to find something on a blog then you’ve got them and Technorati.

Remember, my fellow Search Engine optimization people that the text in a link should be the keyphrase you are targeting and that only. Otherwise the ranking value they pass becomes diluted.

Here’s a few more high PageRank directories:



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