Video Magazine

Video Magazine

Isn’t the internet wonderful.  Not long ago the phrase “video magazine” was an oxymoron, something straight out of a science fiction writers dream.  It just couldn’t be done.  but today, it’s commonplace.

WordPress is great for magazine type websites. Even though it takes considerably more effort to turn any website into a video magazine, WordPress saves lots of time as the most common web app components are already pre-built.  Things like log in systems, page editing tools etc.  These all take a lot of man hours to build.

This particular website is one of mine, I build it as an outlet for the fun side of myself. Always so serious when working on clients websites. Not with this website. It’s all about the fun and experimenting with technology.

This is the third version of this website that I created back around the year 2005.  I’ve used to work with the cutting edge of WordPress and website technology. It’s video, it works on mobile devices and the back end is the super easy to use WordPress.

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