Upscale Responsive Theme

Upscale Responsive Theme

A source of pride

Kbi-Desktop-Home-OriginalWhen you are selling something that costs thousands to tens of thousands of dollars and is part of a person’s biggest investment, you can’t just have an average website.  Not only does it have to look upscale but it also has to work on all the latest smart devices.  Using great persuasive content that  lets your potential customers know they’ve found what they were looking for and that your business is the best choice for them, isn’t enough.  You also need to let them know you are humans!  People want a connection, it builds trust, it helps them feel that they are not going to be taken for a ride by some large uncaring corporation.

I think I’ve done a great job with the technical, design and persuasive aspects of this project.  And the proof is in the results.  Even though this website is a little over 30 days old has already brought in more leads than the old version of their website.  As an extra bonus, their employees and colleagues have stopped poking fun of their old website because now their website is awesome.  No more listening to potential clients saying how bad the old website looked and no more scratching out the website address on the business cards of the Estimators in the field.

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Website features:


This website is built on the WordPress Platform. This means the client can easily update their existing pages, add new pages, even easily upload images to their website and much more.


That means one layout fits every single device on the planet that can view websites.  Not only does one layout save money versus the old method of multiple layouts for different devices, but it loads faster and it looks better.

Basic SEO Package

Our Basic SEO Package is designed to get you a solid start on competing for search engine ranking. We research the key phrases that people are actually using to find your products or services and the competition for each. Once a niche is found we then set up the website to show Google and the other search engines that this website is about those subjects.  A search engine won’t return a website for a search for “Blue Dogs” if it doesn’t actually ever have the phrase “Blue Dogs” on it for instance.

Basic SEO

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