Responsive Web Site Built with WordPress

Responsive Web Site Built with WordPress

About 30% of all web site visits are made by someone on a mobile phone. So this client called me and asked that this years redesign include some different versions for different mobile devices. He was dreading the cost of all these different versions and wanted to know which devices his budget wouldn’t allow us to design for. He thought he was going to have to do all kinds of research to determine which devices his potential clients used the most and choose which ones to try and reach and which ones to displease.

Well, luckily for him, we know two better ways.

Better Solutions

The first is the way we used to do it which already blew our competition out of the water. That was to approach mobile design just like desktop design. Make one layout that looks great on the wide range of screens that desktop computers use. Yes this can be done easily for mobile devices too.

If it’s so easy why don’t all the other companies do it? One word: profit. What’s more profitable to sell a client? 7 layouts and a huge bloated JavaScript or 1 layout and a small fast script?

An even better method:

Responsive design. One layout, not two. This responsive layout contains very little scripting instead using software that’s already on a non-Microsoft web server to re-size images on the fly and change number of columns and/or the size of text areas, forms, sections etc. to fit the screen size of the device viewing the website. It doesn’t matter what kind of device it is, this layout just cares about one thing, what are the dimensions of the screen?




No one else can touch what Texx provides for that price!
— R. Cossiart

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