Responsive Design – Attorney Website

Responsive Design – Attorney Website

This client has been a client of mine for many years.  Since it had been a several years since their last re-design, and they needed content changes and some technical changes I went ahead and gave them a great deal on a re-design.  This time it needed to be mobile compatible. This client also wanted us to start up their advanced SEO campaign again. It had been almost a year since the last one ended and they were getting replaced in the search results by new competitors.

View the live site:

Immgroup_desktop_homeLive Website

This client was trying let me know the importance of this project and he said the most flattering thing to me without knowing it:

This web site has been so successful since you’ve created it and marketed it, we’ve abandoned phone book advertising and all other forms of advertising. This web site and word of mouth make up 100% of all new customers, so I can’t press upon you how important this re-design is.

Thanks Mr. Strickland, thanks.


  • On budget
  • Mobile compatible
  • Looks better than colleagues website at upcoming trade organization meeting
  • Doesn’t loose any of the function it had before.
  • Image of Attorney is seen first and often
  • Content changes to remain in compliance with industry regulations
  • Regains former search engine glory


  • On budget
  • Ahead of schedule too!
  • Responsive design, one layout form all devices, no matter what size and no large script to determine what the device actually is.
  • I saw the other web sites in question, this one blows them all away.  Then when they see it on a phone too.
  • All functions replicated
  • Attorney photo is placed in a highly visible spot on home page and a different picture on every other page.
  • Content changes made promptly
  • 1 year Search Engine campaign launchedLink text

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