E-Commerce, Blog and More

E-Commerce, Blog and More

When a family member involved with a non profit society contacted me about a web site redo, I was ecstatic! I love giving big discounts to non profits and giving them a great website.
Their existing web site wasn’t giving them what they needed from a web site. So I met with their rep, then went to one of their meetings and gathered a full list of goals:

  • E-Commerce Web Design Example

    Everyone loves the new website!

    Updatability – Ability for leaders to add content including images, to the web site themselves

  • E-Commerce
    • Ability to sell tickets to events
    • Ability to sell their t-shirts pins etc online
    • Ability to sell memberships online
    • Must be easily managed by the members of the organization
  • Event Calender – Events listed in a calender format easily managed by members
  • Advertising – Add advertisements from sponsors onto web page
  • Newsletter – At least add newsletter signup form, we added that and more
  • Modern look, clean and uncluttered
  • Design Requirement – Existing background image (custom kilt pattern) must be included
  • Security – I convinced this organization to add this goal.  It may be at the bottom of this list but it near the top in importance, whether they realize it or not.  We kept all security hardening behind the scenes so as to not complicate the use of the web site.
  • Training – Teach members how to use the administration features of this website
  • Support – while made as simple as possible, this website still does a lot. So far so good but sooner or later someone will get stumped. I offer support to all my full service customers for free with a variety of options, e-mail, telephone, Skype and of course our support ticket center.

Everyone loves their new website. Support requests have been almost non existing and it pulled in thousands of dollars from their loyal members in the first month! We call this one a success story!

We love how much easier our Website is to use and how much more it does!

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