Landing Page Project

Landing Page Project

Coming Soon Responsive Landing Page Project

This portfolio entry isn’t a single website and it’s not a project for a client.    This project is more for Web Developers of all skill levels.  Its a way to use code blocks to create a landing page that fits the needs of any project that needs a landing page.

Here’s some features:

  • Fully responsive works on screens from 4k size all the way down to small smart phones
  • Works in all modern browsers and most of the older ones too!
  • Beautiful full screen videos or image backgrounds included or use your own.
    • Over a 2 dozen licensed, pre-formatted (for all screen sizes) video and image backgrounds included or use your own
    • You can even use youtube videos!
  • All kinds of features you can add (or leave off) your landing page:
    • Count down timer
    • Curtain style animated sign up form
    • Mail chimp sign up form
      • Or any other 3rd party mailing list service
    • “Built – In” PHP sign up form
    • Optional Image overlay to darken background
      • Makes text easier to read when a busier background is used
    • Optional semi-transparent background square
      • Another way of making text easier to read on some backgrounds
    • Light or Dark text
    • 2 different types of social media icons
    • Ghost buttons
  • 7 different font sets to choose from
  • Of course it’s open -source
  • Great documentation
  • Each video background comes in multiple file formats so you can so that it will work in all browsers on all devices
    • And you can use your own preferences about quality vs load times.

The list of features is too long to really list here, so check it out:

View On Github

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