Sitemaps are 5 years old

Sitemaps are 5 years old

XML Site maps are 5 years old and we are still amazed as people who are using their site maps effectively. As the lady in the video below also points out, often times a poor sitemap.xml is an indicator of a poor web site plan. ie, sometimes more content isn’t better.
She also touches on a great point, using other forms of XML, namely RSS feeds can be a link building machine for a web site. Others sites that are focused on providing users the latest from the blogging world, or even better are focused on providing the latest info from the specific niche you are in, will provide summaries and links to your articles and pages. This not only builds links but it also can generated a little targeted traffic occasionally.

This will be a two part series, next week will tell you about an instance where you may NOT want to have a “properly” implemented sitemap…

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