Another web site #1 on Google!

Another web site #1 on Google!

One of our web sites,  the Florida Fishing Blog,  has made it to #1 on Google for the key phrase “Florida Fishing Blog“.  Not a lot of people search for this term but it is the targeted niche key phrase for this web site and not much effort has been placed into the search engine marketing for this website either. This target was chosen as part of a grander plan campaign focus on Florida Fishing and even grander, Florida.

Obviously the Florida Fishing Blog is related to the phrase  Florida fishing and thus related to the search term Florida.  Now when ever I need another related link to a clients web site that is in some way related to Florida (almost all of them are).  It’s nice to have an ever expanding stable of web sites that are all related to a phrase and or word that are ready to be used at any moment.

Another search engine success!

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