Resist Them Obama!

Here’s a message to our President elect. When Britain comes around asking for America’s help in further censorship of the internet. Just say NO.

It seems the UK’s government has taken it upon itself (no, the people don’t want it), to censor the internet, yup, the whole thing.

  • They are pushing a plan to set up a government mandated movie style rating for web sites.
  • Force ISP’s to display material appropriate for children only after a certain time of day.
  • OR just not display any material not suited for children, ever.
  • Changing laws to make it easier for someone to sue for Libel if it occurs online.

Does anyone remember when the last time we changed the rating system for movies in America? They made it easier to get the new “X” rating for a movie, calling it NC17 for movies that weren’t porn but were for adults. Theaters all across the country embraced these movies at first, (The cook and his wife were a big NC17 hit). Within one year the Christian “Conservatives” pressured all the major chains and then independent theaters into never showing a NC17 movie again. Now they just won’t make movies like that.

The same thing will happen with the internet if they do the same thing, duh.

Later I’ll add some links to sites that will probably get the new “X” (not “XXX”) rating, whatever they will call it and will probably thus be banned by every state in the union.
Sure, ever since the Civil War, we Americans have lost the ability to control our government, but we can’t fix that now (ever). Sure, our leaders say things like, “I don’t even know how to check my e-mail” (G.W. Bush and John McCain both have said this). But to maintain appearances of a Democracy, our government sometimes listens to large public outcries. It’s also true sometimes they make laws that sound like they are giving us what we want, but really actually giving the bad guys what they want (The CANN SPAM Act ring a bell with anyone?). Now is the time for one of those large public outcries.



  1. you make me laugh. hahahaha

  2. Hey, your post on Michelle Malkin’s blog made a lot of sense. And, in typical conservative fashion, she’s going to “flip” it. The problem is, she doesn’t have a leg to stand on. She is catering to an audience that sees her as inferior to themselves, kind of a pet. The whole dirty, day to day, up and down of real racial relations escapes her because of her context. There’s a small minority of African Americans (but don’t call them that to their faces) who hate the Afam community – Clarence Thomas, Shelby Steele, Walt Williams, Shelby Steele (maybe the alliterative names drive them nuts). She’s got a hatred for the black community and couches her “reasoned” arguments in that hate. She’s a nut case.

  3. Check your facts.Theaters have NEVER embraced NC17 films. At its [. . . here’s a bunch o stuff that would just embarass him so I deleted it . . .]

    If porn getting into the hands of kids is the problem, why not have sites displaying porn images, movies, text, ads, etc. register with a newly created .xxx suffix?

    • Because theaters, communities and states will cave to pressure from special interest groups to ban all .xxx web sites. Just like they did with NC17 movies.

      Monitoring web usage is the parents job, not the government.

  4. Michelle Malkin is a self loathing attention whore.

  5. Censorship right up the moonbats alley. We can expect obama to embrace what the brits are going to do. Han 20 is the beginning of the end of America as we know it.

  6. There is censorship everywhere, you even censored Opus’ response above – I thought you were against all cenorship of the Internet. I don’t understand why there should be no censorship of the Internet. I’m sure you will censor my response as well.

    • No, I won’t because it brings up a great point for discussion that’s perfectly appropriate for this blog. When someone chooses not to publish a letter to the editor that’s free speech in action because it’s his newspaper to say whatever he wants with. It always hurts when someone refuses to publish something we worked hard on writing, but it’s not censorship unless someone is telling you what you can or can’t say in your newspaper, or that you may not have a newspaper.

      You could substitute newspaper for newsletter, or blog, or novel, or song, or speech etc.

      You agree?

  7. You are a moron. That is all.

  8. Great article, I especially like what you had to say in the last paragraph.

  9. The Brits are dirty, thats why China declared war on them years ago.
    The Brits had the Chinese strung out on Opium!
    The Internet must remain free, and w/o censorship.

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