Obama knows how to use the internet to talk to people

Obama just took the initiative to ask the general public to submit questions to him online, others members of the general public will read the questions and rate them. The President will ask some of the most popular and well rated.
This article resume’s after the video:

This online interaction between President and Citizens is a lot like the traditional means. I don’t why the guy in the interview seems obsessed with marijuana, but he has the point all wrong, in fact he’s proving my point.

Presidents occasionally want to know what the public wants from it’s government? They often wish to answer the questions of the people. This is a great thing. The problem is that there is so many people who have a question for the President that he can’t hear them all, much less answer them.
So which does he hear?

  • The ones from those closest
  • The ones from groups that he’s asked for
  • Or from prescreened messages from the public.

Just like before the internet, the subjects that have a group of organized people behind them, seem to get heard by the President more.
That’s how it worked with the online version they are discussing above.
An few organizations with a cause put forth minimal effort and a cause appeared before the President from the people:
“Legalize Marijuana, America could use the tax revenue.”
Sometimes these causes resonated through the people once one of them presents a likeable enough idea.

Now think about your causes, business, communications for the people. Are you ready to do any of these things at all with your “static 10 page web site”?

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