Cable companies sue to erode privacy laws

America has very little privacy laws. Even when it comes to your private health info or private banking info, the law states companies can share it with whomever they like as long as they vaguely describe the manner in which they will give it away or sell it. Evidently these lax privacy laws aren’t enough for the Cable TV industry.

There are some cases where past abuses have been so fraudulent that Congress has acted and specifically denied the sharing of personally identifying information. One such story is with the Cable TV industry. They have specifically forbidden by law from sharing subscribers’ personal information with other parties in limited instances. to be clear, they still share this personally identifying information with lots of companies that they have certain types of relationships with, they just can’t sell it on the open market. They can do even that if they can trick or persuade a citizen into “opting-in” to this sharing. The FCC is to blame for this lame privacy “protection” law.

These freedoms to do almost anything with our personally identifying info like phone numbers, call logs, etc, apparently this isn’t enough for the Cable industry. Recently, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit denied a petition by the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, which argued that federal rules on telecom carriers’ use of customer data violated free speech rights under the U.S. Constitution, federal law or both.

Well at least a few judges are trying to stick up for the citizens. Now what can we do about our lawmakers?

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