Republicans Move to Catch Up on the Internet

You just never know where the next big fundraiser is going up on the internet next. One things is for sure, putting more resources into your internet presence is a must just to keep up.

To all local and state level Politicians. It’s time to play catch up or loose it all to new challengers.
Here’s some younger republicans driving home the point that they can and will put more effort into internet marketing so as not to be bested in the future.

One thing they seem to be aware of is that 12-6 months before an election is the time to begin internet marketing in earnest.

Read about the Last big google update in the months right before an election that set this practice as a tradition with google and other search engines. It’s called the Florida Update (ironic name).

Note they are also touting only a few of the successes their opponents have been having by using internet marketing and great web applications to raise funds and get their message to the people. I can’t blame them, I like to talk about the future myself.

If your a local or state level politician in any party here in Florida. You need to contact us today. Why today? It takes time to develop an internet presence using natural search engine results. If you wait until right before an election, you will have to much more money into paid advertising, which people trust less.

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