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exclamation_3Sometimes instinct and timing make a link building campaign just taking off. There are thousands of established directories with good page rank out there. Most of them pass far more page rank to the first links that are added. The ones that fill up the first page of each category. Most link building directories give these coveted spots to websites by the order they join. The first sites that are added to the database of inks are the ones that get listed first in the directory. Since this page is closer to the index page of the directory, it usually has a high page rank. To make a long complicated scientific story a short one, if your performing a link building campaign that involves directories (most do), you want to be one of the first to add your website to the directory.

Most ink builders are put off by the low page rank of these new directories. They are new after all that means there aren’t a lot of links to the site. Our research tells us that a great deal of these sites will fail or close or switch content focus within a year however. Our research tells us that this failure rate isn’t as high as one would think and that the ones that do not fail provide links that pass on lots of link juice within a year or less.

If your going for the big bang, i.e., a proper text link from a related directory, that has a high page rank, well it’s hardly ever going to happen, even if your willing to pay top dollar for these links. The best bet, is to get in on the ground floor of a web directory that you think is going to gain some good page rank (and be there for more than a few months).

With this in mind, I present: Deck Boards Directory, a collection of links to sites that related to the decking industry. Deck builders, decking supply companies, information about the decking, etc. I know it’s going to take off because of the market research and I happen to know the guy who made it, so I know it’s going to stick around for a while. So if you’re marketing a site related to decking or deck boards in some way, go there and get a link form them. They require a link back to them on a page of theirs somewhere, but that’s what you have to give a directory, is a link because they need link juice, just like you!


  1. Hey Tex,

    This was actually interesting. I just started reading a book on seo. Continuing education and all. Although decking won’t help me much. What’s out there for copywriters?

    • Glad to hear from you again Chip! We’re hiring down here in FL in case you feel like moving away from the cold?

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