Changing to a "DoFollow" Blog – Positive Signs

Hello everyone.  I’d like to welcome all the new readers and subscribers we’ve gained in the last month.

We realize the comments were approved kinda slowly the first go around.  We were a little worried at first but after 30 days, we have exceeded our goals of new subscribers by 200%!

DoFollow Blog Label - LargeWe’ve made some changes to our comment approval processes, so you should notice a huge difference in approval times.  Down to less than 48 hours is the goal.

We’re reading each and every comment that’s left here.  We’re deciding whether it’s a legit comment or if it was some automated words spit out on millions of blogs across the world by a “comment bot”.  this process was a bit new to us as we’ve never had this kind of volume before.  If we’ve rejected your comment, we’re sorry.  Please try again.  We believe that we’ll be able to pick out the human made entries 90% or more.  Once you’ve been established you’re comments can get auto approved after your first one is approved.

Another way to get faster and more consistent approval of comments is to use your Gravatar or Comment Luv ID when filling out the comment form.  CommentLuv may be strange to those of you not in the blogging industry, but it, combined with “DoFollow” are ways of repaying those who take the time and effort to write thoughtful comments to the articles in on this blog.

How is giving a link helping someone, and what’s different about a DoFollow link?  Well this page on DoFollow may help.  For those of you who already know It’s probably still a good idea to check it out every know and then as we will announce our comment policy s soon as we can shape it into words on the DoFollow page.


  1. Hello I am Dylan Goss and I love this forum and sheep. I hope to learn from most of you, thanks! ( yes joking about the sheep)

  2. From my experience I can say that do-follow is really good to increase traffic to your site, get some more readers and commenter’s. But you can achieve this if you have re-capcha and akismet installed, otherwise you have to moderate hundreds, even thousands of spam comments every day.

    • Thanks for the cautionary tale Michael.
      It’s a good one for everyone to heed. In fact we have our our stop form spam script that we use our in house developed stop form spam script.


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