Can the Digg Bar be THAT Bad?

The new Digg Bar seems innocent enough.  But there are things that could be bad for SEO, bad for search engines, bad for searchers and especially bad for website owners.

  1. The Digg bar routes all Digg articles and links to the Diggbar URL, thus robbing you of Page rank in an effort to have their Digg article about your page replace your page in the search engine results. It works too!
  2. The Digg bar frames your content and presents it as their own to the Search engines and some users are even confused into thinking the content s on
  3. The short url (tiny url), raises duplicate content concerns. Perhaps a mini-flood of it real quick.
  4. Digg claims a page view for itself every time a user views any web page with the toolbar active.
  5. The Digg bar rewrites all the links on the page it’s displaying into Digg urls thus robbing the user of being able to bookmark your site properly and generally screwing up some web applications.

Expect another article on this subject after this software is tested by our staff. There’s a lot of positives to be found here too.

— TxS



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  2. graph - You actually said this adequately.

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