Word Press Theme Rotation

Word Press Theme Rotation

I like to show this blog to people as an example of what can be done by a WordPress blog by themselves and what the next level of word press blogs is. That’s when a pro web design team gets involved in your internet marketing project.

For a while we’re going to illustrate this with a rotation of WordPress themes.

We’ll also give a quick first impression review (feel free to comment) on the theme and come back later and update our thoughts after we’ve seen them in use by the public.

We start the WordPress themes rotation with:

Arclite 1.5.2 by digitalnature

Simple but elegant theme with lots of theme options. Designed by digitalnature

Now we’ve continued on to a whimsical, theme that triggers my imagination to recall playing in the rain as a child. Whenever it rained in Texas it was kinda a rare thing and wonderful break from the heat. I used to love to do the paper boat thing even though I’m sure i was too old to do it. Often I took my little sister with me as an excuse.
The theme is called 9th Current by 9th Sphere.

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