Web site brings world of water management to public

Bob Sobczak works to translate raw data into easy-to-read graphics

Today, a complex system of spillways, levees, pump stations and canals controls where, when and how the water flows. As the keepers of the new order, the South Florida Water Management District and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers meticulously have tracked the water’s journey for several decades.

A few years ago, a federal scientist with no prior Web-designing experience got the idea to put the information at the public’s fingertips. The result, www.fgcu.edu/bcw/hcu.htm, has evolved into a weekly peek inside the rarely seen — and even more rarely understood — world of water management.

Just in case the complicated, multi-colored data-filled maps aren’t quite easy enough for you to interpert without a mastrers degree in hydrology, they prominently display a link to the SFL Weekly Watersheds Summary blog which contains update narrative summaries of the data.

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