E-newspapers just around the corner – Again

We’ve all heard the rumors. They’ve working on the “Holy Grail” of the computer world. Pieces of inexpensive paper-like material that are disposable and reusable and can display digital content. They’ve come close several times and there are a few projects out there that could, if successful, change the world.

Now they’re saying 1 they almost have ready something that’s going to do it. It’s the newspaper and magazine people that seem the most interested in it for right now. Without have any real idea what the demand for a product like this the newspapers and magazine publishers have made it clear that they are interested. It seems they feel (or are being led to believe) that using this content delivery method instead of paper will save significantly on the 70% of production costs that are paper related.

I don’t know if I’ll prefer reading my newspaper on a piece of electric paper that can be easy stuffed in a pocket (I’m not fond of newspapers that don’t fold easily and leave ink on my hands), but I do know I’m rooting for this technology.
It’ll create more demand for web designers and computer graphics design.

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