A Dreamweaver and CSS Primer

A Dreamweaver and CSS Primer

Not exactly the way I’d do it but he introduces many important topics. This video also demonstrates how to use the Dreamweaver CS3 interface to create CSS rules.

Sadly he was wrong about the “Page Properties” they only apply to the page that’s open, not “every page that we create from now on” so odd that he got such a basic piece of info wrong . . . We try to actually put these CSS style rules that he’s creating in a separate ” style sheet (a text file, written with proper css syntax and uses the .css extension). Once this is done you can go to every page you have or create anew and tell the page to use the style sheet.

On a professional scale we use “Dynamic Web Templates” to force pages to use certian style sheets and accept changes made to a master template. Because there’s so much more to a web site than it’s CSS.


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