Data Services

Many businesses have to work with data. Sometimes it’s simply storing prices, product numbers, sales commissions, shipping dates. Sometimes it a huge data gathering and reporting project like the “My Safe Florida Home Program“.

Whether it’s a web-enabled database of inventories and shipping, or a massive, highly detailed database about hundreds of thousands of homes in Florida, your data is critical to the success of your business. When it come to the large project, we bring in our team of talented data professionals and add new team members as needed. Smaller jobs are handled by myself personally for the ultimate in value and speed.

Big Project Example:

The my Safe Florida Home program collected data about the windows, doors, and roofs on as many homes in Florida as it could get. Our job was to provide a method for home inspectors in the field to transfer data about the home inspection to their respective companies, validate the data,  transfer the data to the state in the exact format they specified, and then make internal and external facing reports on that data.
Just like now we were innovators and we not only exceeded all expectations of the state, it was our recommendations that were followed by the state when they developed version 2.0 of their data systems and data flow.

Small Project Example:

A small but efficient telemarketing and lead generation company landed a big contract with a national firm. It was big money with firm deadlines and a set of data that need to be collected and shared on a daily basis to the larger corporation. Not only did we create a system that was easily taught to the smaller company’s existing and new employees, we helped reduce training costs and further reduced the companies cost per lead average. The larger corporation was so impressed they hired us to help revamp their data systems too.