Why CPanel?

Everyone knows that cPanel is the hands down, the most effective, most reliable, most feature rich and the most common Web hosting control panel.

Nope, no they don’t.  I’ve heard for the second time in a year, someone say they’ve never used cPanel for a web hosting control panel.  In both times these were fairly bright guys, these were fairly experienced guys.  Neither was really responsible for choosing a web host ever before though.  Both had also worked mostly at larger corporations.  Yet they had never heard of WHM (Web Host Manager) either.  WHM is the multi-domain to entire server level software. sometimes it’s hard for the open source software to compete against the giants like Microsoft in advertising. Even with this disadvantage, cPanel is used on over 1000 times as many web sites as Microsoft technologies.

That’s okay.  If you’ve never tried cPanel you really should.  It really is the most complete hosting management software out there.

Here’s some of the great features and unique features:

  • cPanel has Fantastico!
  • Fantastico installs and manages a few dozen web applications like WordPress.
  • Easiest e-mail address set-up (and management) ever
  • Easiest sub domain set up ever
  • Easy management tools that help one with protecting a site’s content and bandwidth from abuse
  • Great log management tools/viewers
  • Choices of 3 web mail clients if desired
  • Strong security that doesn’t make it difficult to use
  • Clients love it.
  • Easily password protect a portion of a website (or the whole thing)
  • Sooooo easy to use and learn
  • So many tools
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