Cyber Monday Sales Up 20%

Cyber Monday Sales Up 20%
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E-Commerce web design for your small business!

Cyber Monday sales up 33% in the last 2 years

Cyber Monday is the busiest e-commerce shopping day of the year, or the day after “Black Friday” or the Monday after Thanksgiving.  More and more people are choosing not to stand in line at the mall and make their purchases online instead.  This is great news for small businesses!  The internet can be a great way to compete against larger chains with more resources.

Last year sales on Cyber Monday were up 12% over the previous year, combined with this years 20% increase, that’s 33% (rounded) more than two years ago.  What will it be next year?

Does your small business sell things online?  Why not?  If not, you are missing out on the customers, the growing number of customers, who are sitting at their computer ready to buy.  They are there with credit card in hand and they will find what they are looking for.  Don’t you want your products to be presented to them as an option?

We can do things for small retailers to help them compete:

Get your products online

The very first step in successful e-commerce.  Not only can we present your products in an attractive internet showcase (website) where they can research them and purchase them, we can also do it in a secure manner that’s makes it easy for the business owner to track sales, add new products, and manage the products you have.

Get you ranked with the Search Engines

90% of visits to all web sites go through a search engine.  At least a basic search engine presence is required as part of any web site’s plan.  A strong search engine presence is the difference that will help you make more profit.  We have a proven track record of successfully placing small businesses on the first page of Google for scientifically selected profitable key phrases.  We can certainly do the same for you.

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