Covid-19 Tracker

Covid-19 Tracker

I’ve used real data from the World Health organization and then chose which stats to put together, added text and of course, it’s got to look better than a list of numbers. The data below may be repetitive but it just an opportunity to show some of the different ways to present the information and some of the different sets of information I could combine.
Technical Details:

I’ve used an API to receive data from the WHO (World Health Organization), using JavaScript to communicate with the API and output CSS and HTML with a little additional content like titles and descriptions, captions etc. And of of this was done within the WordPress environment.

😷 Global Stats

114,728,338 Total Cases
2,544,066 Deaths
90,282,234 Recovered
21,902,038 Active Cases
2.2% Death %
78.7% Recovered %

😷 U.S. Stats

29,255,344 Total Cases
525,776 Deaths
19,694,306 Recovered
9,035,262 Active Cases
1.8% Death %
67.3% Recovered %

U.S. States

The World Map


Country Confirmed cases Death cases Recovered cases

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