Whoops, Fed tries to block ALL CA government sites

The Federal governments General Services Administration tried to shut down all of the state government pf California’s web sites after a CA county’s (Marin county) web site was hacked and reportedly was redirecting people to a porn web site. The Federal government says they feel they are responsible for every web site that ends in .gov Not just the domain nmaes that end in .gov but the websites content as well evidently.

There are 2 scary elements to this:

  1. The feds were unable to take down all sites located at domans that end in .ca.gov like it wanted it too.
  2. They were so inept that they felt that this was the way to deal with this problem instead of just taking down the one site.

For those of you reading this that own web sites but don’t manage themselves. Don’t worry, this is a much easier thing to fix that the government made it look. Prevention is obviously crucial (another area the feds are lacking in, obviously), but if the the unthinkable happens in can fixed in less than 10 minutes.

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