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Some times when your hard work pays off, it’s good to lean back and admire what you’ve done for a moment.  This post is one of those moments.  We’ve made learning how search engines work and how to best use the info we gather, a priority for over a decade.  For the last eight years, we’ve had some great successes with the search engines.  Since most traffic to a web site comes from a search engine and the overwhelming majority of that traffic comes from the first page of search results, you can see how this greatly benefits our clients.

There are two points to consider when viewing this list.

First, it was compiled on 07-05-2010 and the search engines change their rankings all the time.  We keep on top of this but lack of resources by certain clients may cause them to fall in the rankings.  Of course some client are putting more resources into their search engine marketing efforts thus their ranking will improve.  Once you learn how to get a web site ranked well, it’s just  a matter of putting the right amount of resources into it for the keyphrase you want to rank well.

Secondly, there are numerous web sites that are doing even better than these but larger clients often request a non disclosure agreement.  there are several reasons for this.  Like if they are a web design company or an seo company.  Sometimes they are in a completed unrelated industry, they just don’t want their competition to read their web designers blog and learn their custom strategy.  I can’t say I blame them.

Here’s a short list of some of our most recent search engines successes:

Search Engine Ranking report screen cap

  • Red Tide Florida
    • A revolutionary concept (a blog! they were still new at the time), helped make this 8 year old web site a success with the search engines from the beginning.  This brand new to 99% of the marketplace concept was giving search engine optimization a place in every strategical move or feature of the web site.
    • We were lucky in that our research showed that “Florida Red Tide” had less searches per month than “Red Tide Florida”.  This was great because the top existing competition was using “Florida Red tide”.  It was clear we wouldn’t be able to make it to the first page of the search engines with competitors like FWRI and the Governor’s office.  S we made conquering “Florida Red Tide” our #2 mission, after writing great content that informed, exposed and inspired targeted readers (Citizens of Florida, scientists,  and government officials).
    • It’s been at the top of the search engines since about 10 moths after it’s launch several years ago.  Google used to have effect a “sandbox” penalty on most new web sites at the time.
    • Click the image to the right to see a recent chart of this site’s solid search engine presence for several key phrases on several major search engines.
  • Florida Networking
    • This site was first created as one of our many search engine experiments over the years.  This one was testing a few theories.  Well our the theories we were testing turned out to be quite true and this site shot straight up to number one on Google for “Florida Networking” in under 30 days!  It’s stayed that way for about a year now.
    • This site has been busting out in the other search engines lately  for several key phrases.  Look for an article here about this site’s surprising success with the search engines.
    • In the aforementioned article look for insight into this web site unique search engine strategy problem.
  • Search engine Ranking Report Scereen cap for FloridaNetworking.netFlorida Marine Winch
    • We applied many of the thing we learned from our experiments, (which  include making our own Florida search engine)
    • Double up!  this site is #2 and #3 on Google for Florida Marine Winch.
    • This site is also doing quite well for some lucrative secondary key phrases: Florida Boat Lift Cradle, Florida Deck Winch etc.
  • Stupid Video Clips
    • Really tough competition for the phrase Stupid Video Clips, but we did it!
    • Traffic more than quadrupled when we hit the first page of Google for this key phrase.
  • Florida Data Services
    • Not a lot of people searching for this phrase, but some of the competition is very well versed in SEO.  We thought it would be more difficult to tell the truth.  But it only took minimal effort and about 4 weeks to rank #2 on Google for this lucrative keyphrase.
  • Greene Rehab Services
    • Of course they are number one on Google for their business name, but most people that are looking for their services aren’t going to be searching for a company they don’t know exists.  That’s why this we put in the effort to rank this web site #1 on Google for the  key phrases that people looking for this businesses services actually use.
  • Fl Fishing TV
    • Fishing is Texx Smith‘s favorite hobby that doesn’t involve a computer.  Clients also benefit from the extensive presence our company has for key phrases with the word Florida or the abbreviation FL in them.  It took 6 weeks and no additional funds for this web site to be ranked #1 on Google for Fl Fishing TV.  This new web site (only a few months old) is steadily climbing the ranks for more related and more popular key phrases like Fl Fishing.  It just may be true, Google loves a WordPress Blog
  • St Petersburg Web Design
    • Our main web site.  It’s rankings declined sharply from it’s former position of #1 on Google which it held for several years.  the company had a serious growth spurt that lasted 2 years and we didn’t put any effort into our search engine ranking.  Lesson learned!  We are not back at #1 yet, but we are on the first page of Google for this very competitive keyphrase.
  • Florida Fishing Blog
    • Mostly we just keep this ancient web site around to show we can still design web sites with the old table based methods.
  • Fl Fishing Blog
    • Nothing but our basic SEO package involved on this web site, but it hit the first page of Google after 2 months.
  • Florida Place
    • Our own search engine.  Building, improving, growing and maintaining our own search engine (focused on that Florida key word again) is a tremendously valuable learning tool.

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