The Baby's coming, the Baby's coming!

Baby Bed Some of you out there didn’t even know that my wife is having a baby in a couple weeks. The wife just came back from the doctor and she says her and the Doctor feel the baby (Nicholas), is going to come a week earlier than expected.

Wait . . .

That would mean the Baby will be here in a week??? !!!

I’ve got to get away from the computer and finish putting together the new baby furniture! Oh ya, we’ve already chosen a name: “Nicholas Bryce Smith.” I’ll wait till his birth announcement post to tell what each word in his name means.

Wish me luck and ask me for a cigar!

As I always say about closing the office for anything “Dream Designs by Texx Smith is open 24/7/360 – 20 hours a day, 7 days a week, 360 days a year. Sure we take a couple a days off every year for Christmas, birth/death in family, but we always remained committed to being there when we’re needed. So feel free to call or e-mail anytime, client or potential client.

shannon-maternity-ft-desoto-beach-640x480-3062.jpgShannon herself is doing great. She wants the whole birth thing to hurry up and be done with. Shannon at Ft. DesotoOf course most 8-1/2 month pregnant women probably feel that way. She’s a little nervous about what the delivery will be like. She been watching the 24 hour childbirth channel on cable TV on her days off (I still can’t get her to stop working!), actually a collection of channels, who knew there would so many women giving birth on TV!
We took some glamour/maternity photos of her on Ft. Desoto Beach the other day. Here some shots of the best ones.

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