Last day of On-Site work at Hill C

Today was the last day of full time on site work at Home Inspections LLC. For those of you who didn’t hear of this massive data project, let me quickly recap:

Home Inspections LLC (HILLC) was granted a contract by the State of Florida to participate in the “My Safe Florida Home Program.” This is an ambition program designed to help harden all the homes in Florida against hurricanes. Before any work can be done on the homes, data had to be collected about the individual homes. That’s where HILLC fits in.

Their home inspectors collect the data. That’s where Dream Designs pitches in. We are responsible for:

  • Parsing the data (inspections to be performed) and relaying that to the inspectors in the field.
  • Providing a system that enables inspectors to get data from the field into the database.
  • Gathering, storing and sending this data until this system was complete using by fixing the states poorly designed and non-functional software within days of delivery.
  • Providing, setting up and maintaining the hardware needed by the inspectors in the field to access this system
  • Sending the data on the home inspections and scheduling of the home inspections to the state in the form of ancient MS Access databases. This data had to be sent daily and many times per each inspection as they have a strange and convoluted status system to track the progress of inspections.
  • Permanently store this data in a safe and secured manner.
  • Train these home inspectors on how to use computers, the internet and the Data Interface we custom built for them.
  • Train their office staff how to use computers, internet, e-mail, MS Access and the custom web application.
  • Assist other companies involved in the program who couldn’t keep up (even though they all had more resources and more time on the project than Dream Designs).

Dream Designs has successfully accomplished all these tasks and no longer work on site. Yes, we will still provide support for their office staff and inspectors, but now the company’s focus is on doing what we do most often. That is making high quality web sites better and cheaper than any one else in the Florida Web Design Marketplace!

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