Ft Myers On-Site Data Service Contract Complete

Success!Dream Designs is proud to announce the successful completion of on site services for WB Sanders inc. WB Sanders inc is a contractor participating in the State of Florida’s ambitious “My Safe Florida Home Program“.

Why work on site? What kind of work does Dream Designs do “on site”? These are great questions.

We perform various on site data services, networking services, general IT consulting, IT Training. Data services and Web Applications work together great.

Sometimes when a business gets a new contract with a government entity or large corporation, it’ll come with certain IT requirements. All the sales leads coming via the internet in the form of a very specific database that can’t be opened by non-IT sales staff. Here’s how we did it on the MSFH Project for WB Sanders inc:

  1. Texx Smith met with Brad Sanders and their current CIO. No one else had the experience to deal with this specialized data flow. After gathering their needs completely and thoroughly:
  2. Dream designs staff came up with a plan. 100% of the Dream Designs staff would be focused on this project. This plan was cost efficient and a vast improvement over their current implementation of existing contractual guidelines with their largest client, The State of Florida. It also was flexible enough to include (at almost no additional cost), the unknown future major changes that would come from the state.
  3. Implemented this plan, ahead of schedule and under budget. This included new data flows, network support, staff training, inspector tech support plus a support ticket system and a brand spanking new database/web application system.
  4. Exited the site at project completion with staff fully trained, all requirements met and new more reliable local subcontractors in place for infrastructure and hardware support than they previously had.

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