Florida Networking Services, Now for the Public!

Florida Networking Services, Now for the Public!

In addition to Web Design, I also perform data services for the small to medium businesses of Florida. One problem I run into quite often is the lack of local businesses that provide networking services. These businesses were suffering for it too.

The following  scenario is why we launched Florida Networking Services:

Your small business lands that big government contract. Now you have to expand fast. 50+ inspectors in the field, 12 new data entry personnel and several new customer service reps. All of them need to access the same data base repeatedly throughout the day. There’s some overwhelming data requirements when it comes to security, maintenance, and daily transfer of data. You’ve call and hire Dream Designs (Data Services unit) and that burden is lifted. you’ll just get someone from the phone book or the internet to take care of your network, and have existing staff help set up all these new computers for the field and the new office right?

Then you find that there just isn’t anyone local that can do this unless your business is in the Tampa, Miami, Jacksonville or Tallahassee. When you do find someone, you are shocked to learn several things:

  • They want to charge a percentage of your business and want you to sign a contract with some crazy terms.
  • They don’t show when they say they are going to
    • Don’t they realize you’ll loose everything if you aren’t ready by the deadline?
  • They play some shady tricks like trying to get the business to allow an back door “turn everything off” switch into the network.
  • They just weren’t qualified, weren’t professional or didn’t understand business needs.
    • One telephony installer thought it would be okay for every phone in the entire office (23 of them) to ring every time someone called.  When we said it wasn’t, he said we were unreasonable, called our client and tried to talk him out of this strange requirement from us.
    • Then there was a guy who wanted meet us in the bar to discuss the terms of the set up, no thanks  buddy, have a good time, we got work to do!

Well fortunately for Dream Designs and our clients, we always have a diverse set of skills in our staff, and we started the project early anticipating some kind of problem would arise in something so big.  We didn’t see this coming either.  No worries though, we’ll never get by surprise like that again!

This same scenario played out a few more times.  It became quite clear that we would have to provide networking services in addition to data services for our clients.  Especially the ones in more rural areas.  Since this service is badly needed, especially in south Florida.  We’ve added some staff and announced these services to the public.


  1. Good post, I can’t say that I agree with everything that was said, but very good information overall:)

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