Florida Giving Money to Homeowners!

Florida Senator Dave Aronberg came to Southwest Florida to hand out free money. The state has a relatively new program that, if you qualify, will match your money in order to make you, your home and your family safer for a hurricane.

It’s called My Safe Florida Home and hundreds right here are already taking advantage.

The Kaffs are one of many families in Florida getting a big check from the state. The say the matching $5,000 grant will help pay for their new windows and garage door.

“The help from the state lets you do it sooner and I think it will promote a lot of people to do it,” said Port Charlotte homeowner Doug Kaff.

The Kaffs say the big thing is to just go ahead and get the inspection. That way you know what your house needs to be hurricane resistant.

The state will provide a free wind inspection on your home – even if you don’t qualify for the grant.

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