St Petersburg Small Business Web Site Follow Up

Every now and then it’s a great idea to follow up on a web site’s progress.  Even if the client wants nothing more than a economical small web site placed up and can’t afford to purchase any marketing for the web site.  Today we’ll following up on a company, Pateco, that just wanted a basic web site and had absolutely no budget for marketing the web site.  That’s ok, because we always throw in our Basic SEO package for free with every full site web design package.

The Basic SEO package is quite extensive.  It won’t get you to the top of the Google pile for very competitive key phrases like “Health Supplements” , but it will help separate you and help you out-compete the other web sites that haven’t done any on page SEO.  Our Basic SEO is basically a full site run, professional on page SEO effort.  This is more extensive (at least at Dream Designs it is) than you think.  The process is partially secret but here’s the things we do that we can publish:

  • Research!
    • This is the most important part of any SEO initiative!
    • What related phrases are people searching for?
    • How strong is the competition fro these key phrases?
  • Perfect meta tags!
    • It always saddens me to see companies charge thousands of dollars for SEO and not pay proper attention to the meta tags on every page of a web site.
    • The search engines want to know what your site is about, meta tags is one way to tell them.
  • Perfect integration of desired key phrases into the text of the web site.
    • If your key phrases aren’t in the text of your pages its going to be impossible to rank for them without a paid  link building campaign.  The more popular these key phrases the more links that will be needed.
    • Even that doesn’t work so well now that Google has changed their methods as to not place so much importance on the links leading to your web site.

We’ll finish this wonderful success story later . . . Please check back.


  1. That is quality info thx. Any one heard of a reliable search engine marketing company who never rip you off? I have got so much SEM work to do and not enough time….. Time to outsource!

  2. I like the way your site is laid out and how you have the information on it.

  3. I like the information that you wrote here. Keep up the good work.

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