Fed Changes Internet Privacy Guidleines

The FCC has privacy guideines, not laws concerning privacy policies on web sites. Recently they’ve made a few changes to the guideines:

  • Extended these privacy guidelines to include ISP’s and mobile phone service providers
  • Now urges websites to tell consumers that data is being collected during their searches and to allow them to opt out
  • Recommends that mobile companies and Internet service providers also inform customers about data collection and allow users to decline

Pretty lame if you ask me. Especially since there is no reason for companies to comply. Currently internet privacy laws state that yo can basically do whatever you want with data collected from users if you vaguely describe what you are doing with it and how you are protecting the data. The only time you can get in trouble with the law is if you fail to follow your own vague privacy statement, or if you don’t have one and share this data.

At Dream designs we strive to go way beyond these guidelines. One way we do this is by not storing this kind of information. Then it can’t be shared. In some instances we do have to store this information temporarily. For instance if you fill out a contact form, the information you submit is stored until we view it and do something with it, like respond to your question. Then this information is deleted. If you become a client is another example. Obviously we have to store your name and contact info so I can communicate with you about the services you’ve purchased (“Your web site is done early and under budget sir”). Hard to do business without doing this, wouldn’t you say?
That why we have a great privacy policy.
In the future we are going to draft the perfect privacy policy and try ot gain industry wide support for it. It’s a bigger task than you would think. Look for it in the near future.


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