Dream Designs by Texx Smith LLC lands a huge IT contract.

Dream Designs by Texx Smith LLC (which markets through the sites titled: St. Petersburg Web Design or Florida Web Design), has just landed a fat sub-contract with Home Inspections LLC (which has a web site titled Florida Home Inspections). This project involves the totality of the IT department for Home Inspections LLC.
Some of the specifics:

  • Receiving databases from the state of Florida
  • Setting appointments with home owners listed in that data and adding appointment info to that data
  • Sending this data back to the state and to Home Inspectors in a wide area going from Florida’s west coast to it’s east coast.
  • Enabling Inspectors inthe field to add Home Inspection info to exsisting data
  • Retreiving this data from these Inspectors
  • Adding more data to it
  • Sending it back to the state
  • Network and workstation infrastructure for main office
  • IT related startup services for 4 other divisions
  • Dream Designs by Texx Smith has added some staff, assimilated alot more staff and will be adding more staff soon. If you need a job, live in the St. Petersburg area, and have a computer background, please contact me. I’ll be adding staff with a widw range of backgrounds.

    Temporarily Dream Designs by Texx Smith LLC stopped taking new clinets in all areas so we could concentrate on meeting the tight deadline of this project (That’s right, I got this up and started in 1 week!).

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