Complex One Page Website Example

Complex One Page Website Example

A one page website can have a robust amount content on it after all.  The example website I made below is a highly detailed example of how to add lot of different kinds of content and function to a one page website and to how to do it beautifully.  It also shows us it can presented in a way that creates a positive memory, contains lots of detail where needed and just looks beautiful overall.  View the One Page Website example.

There are many benefits from using  the one page format like this:

  • You can control the order in which the information is provided to your prospects.
    • This is of course only if you don’t provide navigation links at the top which runs the risk of being too spammy for the general public.
    • Even with navigational links provided, people still tend to scroll down the page naturally, on their own.  This makes it even more persuasive!
  • They are great for mobile use because there’s only one page to load.  While the user is reading the top sections, the bottom sections are loading, in some cases.
  • They can, if you choose even appear to be a traditional multi page website, like the example does, while still having the above benefit.

They are not so great for SEO though.  Search Engines value 1000 words and 5 images more valuable on 5 pages than if it’s all on one page.  You’ll also almost certainly have less incoming links to the website.  It also not so great for different types of websites, like an e-commerce website with a lot of products or a blog or a website with a lot of content etc.

This example website isn’t just an excuse to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a one page website though.  It’s a way  for me to demonstration some skills beyond the obvious”Oh it looks great” skills.  Notice the content.  It’s detailed showing attention to detail and the ability to write creative, persuasive content.  And uya, I took almost all of those photographs.

Reach out to us today to see if a one page website is right for you.


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