Back into the My Safe Florida Home (MSFH) Program

Dream Designs has launched another on-site Data Services contract. We are happy to be providing data services and tech support for another MSFH contractor. This contractor, W. B Sanders Construction inc, is located in Ft Myers, Florida.

We are maintaining their older data flow system until the MSFH rolls out their new data system called WINGS. Yes we’ve heard the rumors that WINGS is based on my old web application for my last client. While we’ll have to wait and see, we don’t really think Florida’s Department of Financial Services really is imitating us. A web based approach is just simply the best solution for these massive data flow requirements.

Because of the large scale time demands of the MSFH and redoing of this contractors systems, Dream Designs by Texx Smith LLC is not currently taking any new clients.

Want to know more about the My Safe Florida Home Program and it’s massive data flow? Then either visit their web site or just type MSFH into the search box on the right.

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  1. UPDATE:
    The state’s web application, called WINGS does have a lot in common with mine. It obviously has to use a different database set up because it services several WCE’s and DFS itself whereas mine did not.

    On the interface side however, especially for inspectors, several my themes, workflows and other ideas seem to very similar. Perhaps it’s because they were great ideas and anyone who put thought into it would come up with the same thing.
    On the WCE management side, it lacks a lot of critical features that my web application had. In fact, it was so feature poor in this area the WCE’s got together and had to point out they couldn’t fulfill their contracts with the state if management features (or unfettered access to the data) wasn’t added. In the end they added a few features and gave us partial access to the data through a very awkward interface (downloading MS Style ridden .csv’s that became corrupt upon opening).

    I’m not trying to be particularly negative. I’m an IT project manager that focuses on web application AND I know this data set and flow like the back of my hand. With an IQ of >150 and an eye for perfection, of course I would/could do it better.

    The web application is still greatly welcomed and greatly increases the efficiency of the entire program by a great amount.

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