Verizon Sub-Contract

verizon logoI have recently taken a 6 month contract to work as a web developer for Verizon. I’ll be working with the Southeast United States SuperPages division. I’m not sure how much company policy will let me say about what I do, but I will say that they charge waaaay to much for the web design products and services they sell. Here’s the first web site I’ve completed for them.

All existing Dream Designs by Texx Smith and/or St Petersburg Web Design clients will still have all contracts fulfilled, service will be exactly as before. All existing bids will still honored. And if you are thinking of becoming a client, please do there is still plenty of time in my schedule for a few more clients.

On a more personal note. I’m not sure how well I’m fitting in there. The people are nice but I have some reservations about the quality of the products and services I’m providing. They are quite corporate and controlling, the background check is a nightmare and they have a stringent dress code. The biggest bummer so far is the fact that they only want to give me 1/2 day off for my weeding! We’ve been planning this for over a year. And now I have to leave at noon get down to Venice, get my tux, get dressed, get married and rush back home so I can get to sleep early and get back to work early the next day so I can make up for the half day I took off.

They are paying me quite handsomely however and the chance to practice my training skills is going to be awesome.

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