Converting User into Customers

Converting User into Customers

All your questions about the details of this element and that element of your website are actually skirting around a bigger question:

“How can I get as many of the the visitors of my website to sign up, make a purchase, fill out my form or call me.”

In our business we call this a “conversion”.  I have lots of training and 19 years experience increasing the conversions of websites fro all kinds of business and here 5 things I know work:

People are attracted to faces. Having a pretty face in your page’s contest not only attracts people it makes them more likely to trust and more likely to agree and more likely to take action.

Stepping it up: People identity with and trust pictures of real people more than the faces of models. It still needs to be an attractive face but it is far more effective if it doesn’t look like a model but someone they might actually see in real life talking about or doing what they are reading about.


Do we even have to say you need high quality pictures of your products on your website?  We’ll put it this way: I you don’t have pictures of your products on your website you have no chance of selling them on your website and little chance if getting interest if you aren’t selling them on your website.  Furthermore:  The highesr qualiry and more appealing the photos are the more you will sell online and the more interest you will gather.

It’s okay to tell your customer you want them to sign up now. Just don’t make that the main message of your website. But do make it easy for them to do and don’t stop asking.

Having multiple, effective calls to action is important. But for the sake of the other things on this page, don’t get carried away! In most cases, no more than 2 per page.

You’ve heard it before. Keep it simple and easy to understand. Let me expand a little:

Why take the risk that your potential client won’t understand what you are trying to say. Maybe they are distracted when visiting your website, maybe they just aren’t in the mood to follow a complex idea to it’s conclusion.

Sure, search engines like more content. Sure, giving search engines what they want is critical to getting people to your web site. But a good writer can always balance the too, you just need to let him or her trim your ideas down.

Reviews work! Products reviews actually take a lot of effort but are incredibly beneficial to people that are selling products on their web sites. Not just reviews on your website but reviews on other websites are critical to any marketing plan.

Remember you’re customers have others that provide exactly the same thing you do. They need to be allay of many concerns before they choose someone to do business with.

Give the people what they want!

The 4 second rule isn’t about food on the floor. It state that people that will decide whether this website is worth reading within 4 seconds of looking at it. I personally have found that this can be far less with smarter and/or younger people.

“Is this what I’m looking for?”

If they don’t answer yes, they hit the back button and you’ve lost your chance with that person, most likely forever (bigger purchases usually have more website research sessions in the purchase funnel).

The good news? People are awesome at determining a website’s relevance to them if given the right cues. The trick is knowing what they are, including them in the right places in your design and not obscuring them with lots of clutter.

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