Web Development

We blend Web Design and Web Development in every project. Some projects are very development intensive. While the difference between design and development is technically the difference between Web Design and Development is the difference between the labor of an individual that is either a designer or a programmer (developer). Since we usually provide customers a whole back end where they can manage the pages of their site and the content in  them, we routinely use development skills to make better websites.

We recognize (and love) that there are projects out there where the biggest portion of labor will be by Developers. These projects are usually classified as Web Development by us.

What Types of Web Development we do?

  • Smartphone apps
  • Data management apps
  • Data storage apps
  • Advanced customer interaction websites
  • Specialized Content Management System (CMS) design

What is a web application? A Web Application can be loosely defined as a software that works through a web browser, like Internet Explorer. Examples abound on the internet today:

  • Craigslist.org
  • Google.com
  • Most e-commerce web sites
  • Your banks web site
  • YouTube.com
  • Most blogs

All these websites have one thing in common. They provide functionality by interacting with data in a database.

Web Applications for small to medium businesses

Small businesses use web applications too. Any website where you can purchase things is almost always a web application. The blog portion of a web site is a web application 99% of the time. These are usually “pre-made” web applications (like WordPress). Custom web applications are often found on a small business web site too. This web site’s contact us page is an example of a mini web application. while no database is used, programming and logic is used in a way that interacts with a user.

Launching a web application can be a little intimidating at first. We have lots experience and know that having a great plan is the first step in making a great web application. We’ll guide you through the process and present you with a finished application that’s what you wanted, on the schedule you wanted, for the price you wanted.