Mobile Web Design

The fastest growing segment of internet users are mobile users.

Nearly 1/3rd of all website visits are made with a mobile device. This grows every day.

Not Mobile Compatible?

Expect your visitors to leave without viewing your website because almost all of them depend on how hard it is to see.

Guaranteed Future Compatible

We are so certain the technologies in our responsive designs will still be current for the next 5 years, we’ll guarantee it!

Your Competition Isn’t Here Yet

A surprising amount of small businesses  to medium businesses have web sites that are unusable on a mobile device.

Ours works on EVERY sized screen

It’s a bold statement to make, but it’s true. Any screen that exists now and in the near future!

My Mobile friendly websites:

  • Help you reach people on the devices they actually use.
  • And the devices of the future.
  • Places your content where your competition can’t reach because of technical reasons.
  • Shows customers you are responsive to their needs and that you understand technology.

Ask us today about how easy it is for us to mobilize your website and see how great it will look.

The most user friendly and cost effective method of creating mobile friendly websites is “responsive design”.  Responsive design is a design technique that automatically re-sizes a websites layout and each image to fit the screen size of the device reading it.  When it comes to images it generates new versions of them in the proper size, that’s far better than the old way of squishing the existing sized images.  The Responsive design can also changes the number of columns in a layout based on screen size. Only one version of a website is used! This reduces costs and increases consistency throughout the website.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design Benefits:
  • Less development time = Less costs
  • Re-sizes images on the fly
  • Adjusts # of columns to screen size
  • Websites load faster
  • Websites won’t crash lower end devices
  • Will work on future devices
  • Websites work on low end devices
Other Methods

There are other methods of Mobile Website Design. Below are a few that are still worth considering as the best choice in certain circumstances.

Other Methods

  • One Separate theme
  • Multiple Device Centric Themes

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