The Easiest Way to Generate a Google Sitemap XML file.

Google Sitemaps is an excellent opportunity for webmasters, there’s no doubt about it. To use it you need a specifically (but simply), formatted XML file. It’s well worth it for webmasters to learn the little bit it takes to participate in this program.

Even if you’re a wiz at XML, it can be laborious to write and edit and edit and edit . . . a sitemap.xml file (the specific file name that google needs to find the sitemap file) and making sure it’s error free (so the googlebot can read it), to say the least. But that’s where the joy of XML comes into play. All programming languages (at least the ones I know) are able to read and write XML based text.

So what if we had a sitemap.xml generator, one that inter-meshed with some software that I’m already using to do this kind of work? Well good news for me, some one made a DreamWeaverMX 2004 extension that will generate a google sitemap for whatever site is open at the time. It generates the file sitemap.xml and places it in the root folder, error free, eachtime. The google sitemap.xml is easy to read and edit. Then simply upload the latest version of the sitemap.xml just like a web page, from within the DreamWeaverMX 2004 interface.

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