Tough market – Dentists

Tough market – Dentists

Click the image to view a larger versionWe recently completed a project pursuing a group of professionals that is notoriously hard to connect with. Dentists. The client wants to keep the marketing strategy under wraps for now but here’s a screenshot of the web site.

For this web site, We  just  presented the right things to the right people, asked the right questions and pulled everything together. Others did the images, wrote the text and even decided what pages there would be. Texx had influence and project management responsibility every step of the way however.

The only thing I did 100% myself was the form and the strip of logos on the front page.  Sometimes one of us will do a complete web site from end to end all by themselves, but usually it’s a team effort here.  Even if the collaboration is limited, there is collaboration.


You should look for more work for this client in the future.  This client hired us to perform a wide range of re-branded services like:

  • internet marketing
  • web design
  • e-commerce
  • network support
  • rebranded technical support
  • web hosting
  • remote employee support
  • wide area network (WAN) support

“Texx was able to double the conversion rates of others tasks with the same campaign.”
— G. Nelson

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